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There might come something more

If you’re already feeling safe doing your laps on the wakeboard, you’ve come to the right place.

Wakeboarder der spaß hat


Our tickets at a glance

Eine Gruppe von Menschen die spaß am Wakeboarden haben


Annual membership card or just save up to 30%

WakePark Triolago logo an einer Holzwand


Pro boards, wetsuits and helmets, available at the launch

zwei Mädchen die sich miteinander freuen


Railriding, airtricks and inverts

Our Wakekids

The youth training is of great attention to us.

If you are between 8 and 18 years old and are already confident on the wakeboard, just come to our WakeKids training.

junger Wakeboarder fährt über eine kicker
Wakeboarder spring über eine Hack im WakePark Triolago

"Yes we Hack"

17 features in frequently changing setup.
Hacked or non-hacked.

Just let us surprise you.

Stay over night

Camping or campervan

The attached camping site offers you short ways to the WakePark.

Luftaufnahme vom Campingplatz Triolago

maybe something else after all…

Wakeboarder auf dem Wasser hat spaß

Your event

Beyond the regular operating hours, we offer individual events.

Wakeboard Anfänger auf dem Wasser


Our club WAKE EMOTION meets regularly. Become part of the squad.

Schwenkgrill mit Fleisch und Gemüse belegt


BBQ always fits in. This is the way to end the day.


& Contact

Luftaufnahme vom WakePark Triolago mit Landschaft

Freizeitsee Triolago 54340 Riol


tel: 0170/2804634