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Prices & Tickets


all tickets include water ski, life jacket and helmet

At the first visit You have to buy an RFID-wristband for 6,- €

1-Hour Ticket

There's an hour to go...

Just a quick last hour on the water before sunset. Can be done at any time!

U18* : 18,- €
18+** : 23,- €

With small membership
U18* : 14,40 €
18+** : 18,40 €

2-Hours Ticket

The best for beginners...

As a beginner, You will usually learn to waterski within an hour and if everything goes well You can switch to the wakeboard immediately. – As an advanced, you can just go full throttle for 2 hours.

U18* : 24,- €
18+** : 30,- €

With small membership
U18* : 18,- €
18+** : 22,50 €

Day Ticket

The day ticket is always well worth...

Experience the sport in peace and quiet, enjoy the day at the lake with friends, and go out on the water again at the end.

U18* : 33,- €
18+** : 43,- €

With small membership
U18* : 23,10 €
18+** : 30,10 €



In case the weather is untypically bad for the season, we offer you the bad-day-special

Day ticket including:
Wetsuit, Double Ski, Impact vest, helmet, hot drink

U18* : 26,- €
18+** : 33,- €

Gift cards

You know someone who is interested in water sports? Why not give them one of our vouchers as a gift!


Short wetsuit

Cool water temperature with warm weather

Just rent a short wetsuit

Up to 2 h: 6,- €
per day: 9,- €

Long wetsuit

Cold water and outside temperatures

Now the long wetsuit is the right choice

Up to 2h: 10,- €
per day: 13,- €

Easyup or Easyride

One price, two boards. Not for features

Start with the Easyup until you can do a full lap.
Then continue with the Easyride.

Up to 2h: 11,- €
per day: 16,- €


Head for the Features

With our pro-boards you may also ride features. But remember, if you ride features you also must wear a helmet.

Up to 2h: 23,- €
per day: 28,- €


Small Membership

Save up to 30% on your tickets

After 6 day tickets,
9 2-hour tickets or 15 1-hour tickets you will already have paid off your membership!!!

U18* : 52,- €
18+** : 70,- €

Annual pass

Wakeboarding as much as you want

With the annual pass you can go every day we are open.

U18* : 520,- €
18+** : 700,- €

Please respect the lap limit, which is displayed in the start area, depending on traffic volume

*    For youths under 18 years

**  Applies to everyone aged 18 and over

Payment options

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Cash, Card payment, Contactless


Paypal, Credit card, Sofort, Giropay, etc.

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